CHIMP Change & Impact supports the change you want in your organization.

Change with CHIMP: Inspiration, creativity en decisiveness for leaders en professionals

Dealing with change has become one of the biggest challenges for people and organizations. The pace of change in society and in organizations is constantly increasing. Strategy and methods that worked recently are now obsolete.

High-performing organizations are able to adapt to a changing environment quickly. They constantly strive to improve, not because they must, but because they want to. People handle change better if they have access to information and when they can contribute to the change process.

Successful change only is possible in interaction, when people come together and say, "I know where to go. I believe in this. This makes sense for the organization. "

Successful change means for leaders:
  • to have a clear change vision
  • to communicate in an inspiring way
  • to actively involve others in the change process

Successful change means for professionals:
  • to see change in context of the entire organization
  • to see change as a process
  • to see change as an opportunity for further professional development

CHIMP supports organizations in achieving successful cooperation.
CHIMP supports:
  • communication of new mission and vision
  • adjustment of strategy
  • market and target change
  • introduction of new products, processes or methods
  • leadership transition
  • launch or redesign teams
  • installation or kick off projects and project teams
  • mergers and strategic alliances
  • workshops, seminars, organization-wide meetings

Marcel Karreman
As a senior consultant I facilitate change and leadership programs in the Netherlands and abroad. I contribute to the development of management and talent in organizations. I coach leaders and professionals towards personal excellence in their current work or on the way to their next function. With Train the Trainer activities I support fellow trainers in their professional development. It is my goal in every project that the work of each manager and professional is of substantial added value; meaningful for the organization in which they work and for themselves.